Conference Overview

Transforming postal and delivery industry towards customer happiness

Agenda Topics

Themes to be addressed will include

  • Trends, Challenges and Opportunities in a complex and fast-paced business environment
  • Legislative and public reforms
  • Postal Sector in the digital world
  • The impact of digitalization and big data in postal services
  • Innovation in operation
  • Shaping future leaders
  • Connected infrastructure
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Cross border ecommerce
  • eCommerce Driven Logistics
  • Increasing Consumer Power
  • Delivery Carrier Selection Optimization
  • Omni-Channel Fulfillment
  • Market dynamics & regulatory challenges
  • Delivery models and organization
  • Delivery excellence for the modern lifestyle
  • Smart integration of letters and parcels
  • Customer last mile delivery options
  • Staffing challenges and opportunities
  • Postal office as a multi-channel sales platform
  • Operational and network challenges
  • Expanding financial services
  • Expanding the offering to exceed customer expectations
  • GDPR: Reimagining marketing communications
  • Delivery services in the online shopping market
  • The future of consumer needs for postal services
  • Technology and change in postal services – impacts on consumers
  • Delivering satisfaction: Complaint handling in the postal market
  • Advancing robotics
  • Modifying processing to meet changing needs
  • International packet and parcel product processing
  • Using data to improve operations and create customer value
  • Evolution of user needs across postal markets and the future of the USO
  • International e-commerce delivery: new services, VAT rules and UPU remuneration models
  • Price regulation and the cost orientation principle
  • Parcel Delivery and Urban Logistics
  • Accessibility and Demand for Postal Services

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Please Note

  1. The Language of the conference is in English.
  2. No Sales Pitch allowed, presentations are to add to the knowledge exchange.
  3. Proposals are for a 20 minute presentation in any of the programme tracks.
  4. Given the seniority of our presenters, last minute changes in speaker, topics and timings is inevitable. The organizers hence reserve the right to make changes in terms of topics, speakers and timings as deemed suitable in the larger interest of a successful conference.